My husband, my lunch date :-)

I have to say, I really like my job. Like I said before, I get paid peanuts, but in an economy like this any job is priceless. Anyway… my schedule is pretty all over the place. I am scheduled in for 9 hours everyday at different times with an hour break for meals. This week my meal break has been at 2pm everyday. My sweetie pie of a husband has been coming to meet me during my breaks and we head out to find a place to chit chat and relax.

Today we went to Starbucks. Of all the food places in the vicinity, I think Starbucks makes us happiest. We both get some sort of pastry or beakfast sandwhich and a latte, and then we grab a pair of cushioned chairs and just enjoy our hour together. I love it. Most people where I work will bring their lunch in and sit at the sales desks… I get to have a lunch date everyday đŸ™‚ I love it.

I don’t have a day off until Monday, but that’s okay. My job isn’t so strenuous that I am exhausted tired but I am still adjusting to having 9 hours of activity verses 12 hours of job hunting, haha. I must say, being employed is preferable. I do miss Tomis like crazy though. It was easy to get used to having him everyday. I had forgotten how to miss him, but now I appreciate every second I have. Even the fifteen minute drive to work with him in the car is special to me. I never forgot how much I love him, but I am really reminded of it now that I work.

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One Response to My husband, my lunch date :-)

  1. ornella says:

    Tomi is good husbend,but you are sooooooooo sweet wife…..enjoy in your’s happinesssssss !!!!!!!!

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