Tomis gets a workout

Well today was lots of driving, let me tell you. After we woke up, my darling wife and me….opps, i almost told you that i went to work but i droped off Koko to work and went home for a walk in the rain with Guinness. We were totally wet, but that didn’t stop this silly dog from rolling on the wet grass. Anyway i dont know why I am writing this blog but i thought Koko just came home from work and she needs her well deserved rest. ( especially after having burger, chips, cake and orange drink called Tang .) But as the title said, today just before Koko finished with her work AT 10:00pm she asked me to come for a work-out in gym, and i did. After running almost 7 miles (  for you guys at home that is about 10 km ) i decided to shoot few hoops, hahaha i SUCK couldn’t hit a basket to save my life. So now is a little TV time for my darling as she is full of weird combo of food and long day at work and soon might be a bed time too, as for me, well i look forward soon to be able to work as well even tho i miss not being with my wife all day…

Good night.


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