YEY!  We are really happy 🙂  We got some really cheap secondhand furniture today that looks brand new.  Unfortunatley when we got home today my parents were already sleeping, so they may find this out by reading the blog rather than by me telling them, haha.  Sorry mom and dad… I promise I will be excited with you later when I tell you in person!

Our next plan of action will be getting a futon for Pookie.  We know he will be a frequent visitor as his swimming center is right across the street. I could throw a baseball from our apartment and it would land halfway to the pool 😉  On his early morning practices we will be able to just spend the night with us, so we want to make sure he has a place to sleep where he gets a good night’s rest. 

Anyway, come Friday we may not have internet to update our blog.  We will post pictures as soon as possible though!!

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  1. ornella says:

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!I now,your parents is great,but young people wants live alone…you two must be greautful to yours parents because the past few monthes everybody have a great time together but now is time for new life…..happy time,we now…..ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Many love from CRO familly…….

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