Opera Singing Neighbors

… of all the apartments in Oregon, Tomis and I find the one underneath a guy who has opera parties at midnight. I can hear “I believe in you..” being sung at top volume by at least five people, and it is midnight. My poor brother needs to wake up at 6am for a three hour swim practice, and the show tune naziis are above us as if they are in a theatre. At least they have pretty voices… but really, at midnight??

Anyway. There is something kind of cool about my job. There is fragrance that filters through the ceilings to make the store smell like our best selling cologne. So everyday I come home smelling like a man, haha. In fact our whole closet smells that way now. What makes it funny is that I use vanilla scented body soap, so I end up smelling like a man cookie! Tomis uses the same soap, so today I told him he smells like cookie and arm pit ๐Ÿ™‚ Good thing he loves me.. I bet if anyone else told him that they would be missing some teeth.

Other than that, today was good. I like my job… I love my apartment and all its many furry inhabitants (especially Tomis). I LOVE that I have the weekend off. I even love the frugal budget Tomis and I are on. It makes us get real creative with our spending. There is something about spending money on bargains that makes you enjoy it more. It is like you appreciate it because you KNOW what went into purchasing it. It also leaves so much room to dream… often Tomis and I will look at our living room and point out the spots in need of some decoration and personal touches, and we envision the perfection it can be. Because we couldn’t go on a purchase spree and just fill our space with random trinkets, we get to gift ourselves over time with elements of home. Our little appartment is evolving… everyday getting a little more comfortable and “us.”

The opera singers stopped… thank god ๐Ÿ™‚

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