Sleep Redemption

After a long night of unwelcomed show tunes, Tomis and I woke up at 2pm. We actually got to meet the host of the musical party last night. Turns out his mother is a member of the Met in California, and is friends with Andrea Bocelli. To apologize for the late night noise, he offered us a bottle of wine from the vineyard his parents have stock in. It was very nice of him and he seemed genuinely apologetic about the noise. Once we saw that our neighbor was sincere, there were no hard feelings on Tomis and my part. If it hadn’t been for my brother trying to sleep I doubt we would have even minded that much.

Today was a beautiful day. Everyone is Oregon loves their state… but not for the 8 months of dreary gray. The 4 months of exquisite sunshine melt the memory of clouds from everyones minds. I believe that people are solar powered. The streets were teeming with cars and smiles. Oregon people are like moths to a flame. You would think the population quadrupled on a sunny day, haha.

My husband just jumped on top of me, and I am now trying to write this post with 180 pounds of Croatian man on my back, haha. I can barely breath. I think it is time to put this man on a diet!! It wouldn’t be so bad if he weren’t bouncing on me like I’m his personal trampoline. Stefica… what did you feed this man when he was a boy!!! haha… he is rolling all over me and biting me!

It is time for me to retaliate… pray for Tomis, because he has it coming…

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