Spicy Pasta and Wine… perfect medicine

Working in retail exposes you to MANY people. Everyday I touch what many people have touched… money from many pockets, counter tops, clothing, etc. Well, of those many people I encountered, ONE of them had a sore throat… and now so do I. It is easy to miss the symptoms as they creep up on you. I started the day really tired, then I started to get cold, then the sneezing and coughing came, then the throat tickle. I called Tomis while I was driving home and we decided spicy pasta and wine would be the perfect cure. Tang, which is full of vitamin C, was a good option as well, but this feeling of repugnance surfaced as I imagined cold liquid sliding down my sore throat. The wine served me well as it warmed my body and numbed my throat. I can’t tell if I am tired from the wine or from being sick, but it doesn’t matter anymore… I am full and happy. Tomorrow is a long day though, so hopefully this feeling lasts.

Just a side note… I have the lap top sitting on Tomis’ tummy as I type… he is so sweet 🙂 Every time he breathes the lap top rises about an inch.

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