Devoted Soccer Wife

Tomis had a soccer game tonight at 7pm. I got off work at 6, so lucky for us the field was less than 3 miles away from Clackamas. The only problem was that the Oregon sky decided to imitate Niagra Falls… it was pouring. Equipped with an umbrella, a blanket, and flip flops (… part of my work “uniform”), I stood in the mud and watched my husband’s team lose their game, 3-0. Haha, poor guys… the opposing team had 5 extra players so they could relieve each other from time to time. My husband’s team had just enough guys show up to not forfeit (every single guy on Tomis’s team had to play the whole game without a break). I bet each and every one of them falls soundly asleep tonight.

I should thank everyone that included my family in their prayers last night. It means a lot to me. My Lola has been moved out of the ICU, and is now in a room more accessible to family members. I’m not sure what her condition is but I’m sure my family is being strong for her. My mom caught a bit of a cold, so I hope she gets enough rest to recover.

Tomis and I are on day three of spicy pasta. Lucky for us I hit the jack pot on this recipe. It is yummy enough that I look forward to it when my work shift is about to end. Tomis eats bowls of it at a time and he tells me he loves it too. It may last us until tomorrow… I am sure four days in a row of it will numb our taste buds to its yumminess. This weekend I will be sure to cook up something else for us to feast on.

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One Response to Devoted Soccer Wife

  1. daniela says:

    Dear Koko,

    I hope that Lola is going to get well. I’m sure God will give your mother strength to move on no matter what happend. Both of them (and you) are blessed for having such a nice family (as we can see from your writting) so I have no doubt that anything can go wrong. Take care to each other in future because today it’s really rare to see such love and support. I didn’t mean to preach but – in croation- ponijelo me.
    Hugs and kisses from us to all of you.

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