Honey… you write the blog tonight :-) Going to sleep now…

….this is a title for tonight. Well think i got the message so i will be writing blog tonight as my wife is of to bed. Koko had a day off today hmmmmm…when i better think today was a banking day so doesn’t look like a day off for my wifey. You would think that would be easy to transfer money from one account to another being that booth accounts are with same bank well ….TRY AGAIN. I really need to say that person helping us was great, very patient and afficient but took him a half a dozen phone calls to other branch to figure out how to withdraw money….AGAIN SAME BANK TWO ACCOUNTS NOT SO FRIGN HARD….WE WISH.Anyway after almost an hour we were able to transfer some money but that is just a start, now my wifey needs to change her last name as she has MINE now, that could take a very very very long time. My poor baby spends her days off chasing banks or phone companies hahaha with all this technology this days one would think that would not be so many mistakes made or that would be easy to take some money from your own account but i guess machines and technology that we use are perfect on its own and machines dont make mistakes…..till we don’t touch them.


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