I love my job… my husband… my life

I really do love my job.  These kids make me laugh every time I work.  Sometimes they make the day fly by so that before I know it, it is time to go home.  There are days where each minute feels like 5, but more often than not I have something to do and a reason to smile. 

Right now Tomis is off to Carls Jr. to make good on a “buy one get one” coupon we got in the mail.  There are Western Bacon Cheeseburgers on their way home as I type. 

Guinness just jumped up to stand by the door.  He knows the sound of my car’s engine and always alerts Tomis or I if either of us comes home.  The sounds of other cars doesn’t pahse him at all… just ours 🙂  What a smart dog.  In about thirty seconds the door will open, and my husband will be standing there with the sun at his back and grease soaked bags of fast food 🙂 

“Hi honey..”

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One Response to I love my job… my husband… my life

  1. ornella says:

    What a nice day…and most important,what a nice girl….

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