Bless My Family

This week has been a roller coaster. My dad had to go to the ER Wednesday morning. Don’t worry, he is okay. He had kidney stones, but it is never nice to see someone you love lying in a hospital bed. Now we are all smothereing him with phone calls making sure that he is doing okay. Mom left for the Philippines Thursday. My grandmother will be taken off of life support, so her children in the U.S. hopped on a plane to ensure that her last moments of life are filled with the lives she created. All 9 of her children will be together to be present when she finds her peace.

Mom… if you read this, we love you and are thinking about you back home. Be strong. Grandma will love you beyond life, and would only want you to be happy. Even though we will miss her, we will celebrate her life.

On what seems like a really insignificant note given what was just talked about, Tomis and my bank is still holding our money hostage. The inconvenience was truly unwelcomed given our heavy week. That accounts for the missing blog posts this week.

To end on a happy note… our animals decided to brighten our day by being adorable today. The cuddled on our couch this morning, despite the 94 degree heat.

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