Grandma Betty– Held Family Meals on Wheels!

My grandma can really be a tough cookie. She is a mid-western farmer’s daughter, and could probably survive a tornado with an umbrella and a raincoat. I have never seen her face a tough situation with anything but strength. She combats tough situations with compassion, yummy baked goods, and a positive outlook… never tears. It is possible that I am the granddaughter of the best grandma who ever lived. Today she drove down from Washington with meatloaf, scalloped potatoes, brownies, corn on the cob, fresh strawberries, and sponge cake for strawberry short-cake. After my dad’s stint in the emergency room she made sure her son and grandson had a home-cooked meal in their stomachs in a house that smelled of home. She TRIED to get my dad to allow her to take care of him for a week, but of course he declined. Poor dad, we are all smothering him. It is because we love you Doodle 🙂

So after Tomis and I got home from a late lunch with my family, I wanted to keep the feeling going. Tomis and I had a gourmet meal… asian chicken salad, chicken rotini alfredo, and a nice Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling. Outside the leaves are rustling from a strong cool breeze and our apartment is rich with the smell of a freshly cooked meal. The walls of our apartment are warmed by our choice of paint and art, and the animals are sprawled about as if they found a piece of heaven. Life isn’t good… its great!

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