9 hour walk

I spent my entire day walking… I don’t think I stopped once. Well, I had five minutes to eat soup. Anyway, I walk like a speed walker in a race for money when I am at work. If I were to walk in a straight line rather than circling my store like a scavenger bird, I bet I would be halfway to Croatia right now, haha. That probably accounts for how I ate so much I can’t even move right now. My stomach feels angry…

Anyway… now that the day is over there are only two things I want: digestion and sleep πŸ™‚

To Tomis’s family: You would not believe what this man is doing right now. As I am trying to write the blog he keeps poking buttons on the keyboard so that I have to go back and delete every few words. Maybe you can give me some advice on the best way to punish him, because apparently pulling his leg hair doesn’t work πŸ˜‰

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One Response to 9 hour walk

  1. ornella says:

    Advice for Koko…stop writing and start kissing him……hihihi

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