I love Fridays

When I was a kid, I used to always love Thursday because it meant that all Friday I got to look forward to the end of the week… and then of course, the weekend. Now that I have Sunday off, Friday is the day I start to get excited. All today I had energy just because I knew that Saturday was around the corner, and Sunday I had a whole day to be with my hubby 🙂

This weekend Tomis and I have big plans. With my mom back from the Philippines and my dad almost done with his hospital visits, it seems like an ideal time to have a BBQ and see the new Harry Potter movie 🙂 Sunday will make Saturday fly by… 🙂

Anyway, Tomis made a buddy out of our neighbor today. He and his wife dropped by to see our freshly painted and designed apartment, and now they have the decorating bug as well!! Poor Jim will have weekends of painting to look forward to, just as my dearest Tomis had. haha… good luck to him! Hopefully they enjoy their apartment as much as we enjoy ours!! It is so nice to come home to a place that is marked by your own personal flair. It is even nicer to have people agree that it is beautiful, haha.

Now Tomis and I are debating whether I should have a piece of pizza. He hopes it will make my boobs grow, but I told him, regretfully, at this late hour it will probably just expand my butt. He didn’t seem to think that to be a problem, and wants to make a run to the grocery store to buy me a whole pizza to myself! haha… god bless my husband!

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