Lady’s choice

Watching vampire flicks pays off as a married woman. You watch enough of them with your beloved hubby and he can’t complain when you drag him to watch Harry Potter 🙂 It is manipulative, but hey, I got the best movie companion to watch a flick about kid wizards without hearing one complaint! AND, he LIKED it!

Anyway, today was very relaxing. Starting tomorrow I enter what is called “performance week” at work where they test what I have learned during my training period to determine if I can be promoted. I am not too worried about it, but I will have to keep my wits about me. Actually, “performing” does not bother me in the least; it is however a little unnerving to have someone behind your back with a clipboard watching your every move and grading you. I have a feeling that I may have trouble getting to sleep tonight while thinking about this coming week, but maybe I can coax my wizard-loving husband into giving me a massage to release some of my nerves.

Other than the movie, I finally got a chance to lay out in the sun today. My genetics make me soak up the sun like a sponge soaks up water; it is like the Filipino blood rises to the surface when the sun beckons. Not to be overlooked, my Scottish blood rose up to salute the sunny day by turning my hair a lighter shade of dark brown with an evident red tint. It is a really cool combo. Thanks mom and dad! If you were chefs I would be the oddest cake in the bakery, but still yummy, haha. It makes you wonder what MY kids will look like one day, 🙂

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