It is 7:30 in the evening, the sun is still reasonalby high in the sky, and yet despite the early evening glow the thermometer reads 90 degrees. Tomis has shed his shirt and cut the legs off his pants. I am spread out on the couch wearing as little as I can get away with without provoking my husband to call me a tart 😉 The warm brown and cream tones of our apartment walls are beautiful, but do nothing to take the edge off the heat. The most tantalizing and luxurious thing in our apartment right now happens to be sitting in front of me right now… it is a tall glass of iced Tang!! The plastic of the cup is sweating from the contrast of the outside air and the chilly cup. I don’t know who created Tang… but god bless you.

Very soon Tomis and I will enjoy a nice dinner of pizza and fresh veggie salad. I thought I was too tired to eat, but the smell of the pizza freshly emerged from the oven has changed my mind. It is yum yum time!!

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