Initiating the new kid

Today when I walked into Hollister as the new kid to open up the store, there were a few surprises. The first surprise was that the store was huge. Second, the three cash registers in the store had $8 in one dollars bills, TOTAL. The third surprise was that there were three bins FULL of clothes that needed to be placed on the floor. haha… thank god I will be back in my own store tomorrow. I can’t say I didn’t have fun though 🙂

At the moment Tomis is off picking up our pasta order from Pizza Hut. We realized that it cost the same as when we make it, so we are trying it out. Only problem is that he called me a few minutes ago and he is lost. Don’t worry about him though… he is only 3 miles from home 🙂 Apparently, like many things in Oregon, the Pizza Hut is hiding amongst trees.

Love to all!!!

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