Golf.. Retail.. BBQ

It was a much earlier day for Tomis than for me. He had a 8am tee-time with Doodle and Philip this morning. He was on the road by 7:45, and I was still sound asleep. The heat today was pretty rough, so right now Tomis is a little tired. He has a really funny tan on his feet as well πŸ™‚ He was wearing short socks and shorts, so his legs tanned a nice brown while his feet remained a nice creamy white, haha. My husband has monkey feet πŸ™‚

My day didn’t start until about 10am. I started by cleaning the house, and then started to get ready for work. I closed uo the store by myself and then headed home to my husband. I am a little tired as well, but more because I allowed my mind go into overdrive trying not to screw up my first day in my position. I know it will get progressively less trying as work becomes more routine. I think it is funny though, I heard from my boss that her boss thinks (get ready for the direct quote) that I, “could shit my pants and no one would ever know.” Apparently he meant that if I ever get stressed I don’t show it. Well, that makes me happy. I am no different than anyone… I don’t want to screw things up, and there is no escape thinking about it, but I do a decent job seeming like I am in control. My direct boss agreed and said she has never seen me stress either… so yey πŸ™‚

After work, Tomis and I headed to my parent’s house to catch the end of a BBQ. They had friends in town from Ireland and wanted us to meet them before they headed home for the evening. Salmon… steak… chocolate cake.. cheese and crackers. I am SOO full. I cut Tomis a huge piece of cake so he is ballooned up beside me right now. It was a good day and a great night πŸ™‚

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