Lola’s Funeral Today

I am having a classic case of not realizing what I had until it was gone. I always knew that my mother’s parents were good people. I always knew that they were kind and good-hearted, but I never realized what exceptional people they were.

In the Philippines it is very common to have maids and drivers. With 9 children to care for, my grandparents were no different than any other typical middle-class family in that regard. They were however different in that fact that they cared for their staff’s children by sending them to college. They also gave out their own land for free to families that needed it. They never mentioned this to me; probably because to them it was as natural as waking up in the morning. They were both amazing people, and I feel honored to think I may have some of their characteristics flowing through my blood.

I do know one thing… no matter what I decide to do in my life, I better do something that makes the world a better place. Both my father’s parents are absolutely made of gold. On a daily basis they give of themselves and never seem to think they are doing anything great. I am the product of some of the greatest people to ever live, and I had better do right by it. I know one thing, when I have children they will know what their predessors were too humble to say in their own lives, and they will be proud of where they came from no matter what happens in life.

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One Response to Lola’s Funeral Today

  1. ornella says:

    Koko is amazing girl…again and again…

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