She drives stick!!! (Almost)

haha… so this week we have learned that I am a little bit of a head-case. I can drive stick flawlessly UNTIL I am on an uphill slant and I see a vehicle in my rearview. In that situation all I can think about is possibly hitting the guy behind me. Oh, that and for some reason I have a hard time finding third gear 🙂 Okay, so basically I suck at driving a manual car, but Tomis says I am pretty good. I think he is lying to me.

Tomis and I deep-cleaned our apartment yesterday too. With a brand new vacuum cleaner we filled the entire holding bin full of animal fur. It was amazing. We could make two entirely new pets out of it. I also re-organized the entire closet. For two people that have been living off of one income we sure have a lot of clothes.

Today we don’t have much on the agenda. I am thinking about maybe going to the grocery store and making a nice meal for tonight. We both just had breakfast so I can’t even begin to think about what we will eat for dinner, but I am looking forward to getting in the kitchen, especially since it is so clean right now.

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