Like Night and Day

Tomis and I both started work on Tuesday. Monday, neither of us got any sleep worth noting, which accounts for why there was no blog yesterday… I pooped out by 8:30 in the evening, haha.

Anyhoo… from the moment Tomis and I wake up in the morning Tomis and I see two entirely different worlds. Tomis goes into the closet and comtemplates putting on plaid shirts with different flavors of denim and khaki. Me on the other hand, I look at my black suits and decide exactly how masculine I feel like looking that day. Tomis leashes up the dog and takes him to relieve his furry colon, and I chop up veggies for sandwiches. When we get in our cars to drive off for work, Tomis rests his rear in a 4-door automatic (which his coworker says is fruity, haha) and drives South, while I get in my little two-door stick shift and drive North. Once Tomis gets to work he sees a rolling vineyard and bottles of wine… I see computer screens and other suits, haha. It couldn’t get anymore night and day than that. Although my days sound drab in comparison to my husband’s, I am loving my job. Needless to say, Tomis is enjoying his job as well.

Anyway… here are some pictures from our days off…






Our mussel feast. We had a whole baguette, brie, and white wine. It was fantastic!!

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One Response to Like Night and Day

  1. Kecholand says:

    njam ,, njam njam , hik. zzzzzzzzzzzzz


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