Yea, I thought she was a b*tch too…

Even with his foot in his mouth, my husband is adorable…

Today, we went to the bank to open up an account for Tomis. Since it is the branch that I will be working in we had an opportunity to talk on a more personal level with the staff. Between providing information for various forms and signing on random x’s, one of the employees told Tomis that they were really excited to have me start working… but it didn’t start that way. Apparently, when I first came in, I looked “intimidating” and they were afraid I was going to be a “b*tch”. Tomis, being the helpful hubby that he is, tried to be kind and replied with, “don’t worry, I thought that too when I met her. After a few days she is fun though.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh honey… I don’t know if I am crying tears of laughter or amazement, but I love you either way.

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