Tunes for the Car

My husband and I both spend a fairly significant amount of our days in our cars. That is a lot of time to sit and try to convince yourself that talk radio is entertaining. I’m not sure if stop-and-go traffic while listening to people talk about their latest love debacle or how drunk they got on their weekend is the best way to start your morning. So, Tomis and I got an iTunes account so we could download what we will expose ourselves to in the morning… now, we can listen to poeple SING about their loves debacles and drunken states, haha. Anyway, thirty dollars worth of 99 cent songs later, Tomis and I both have new CDs to put in our cars so we can enjoy our rides to work. Money well spent.

It just occured to me that I will be the only one enjoying good tunes in the car tomorrow morning… my dearest has the next two days off. While he sleeps in tomorrow I will testing my knowledge of financial laws and regulations during four hour long conference calls. Just thinking about it makes me sleepy… so off to bed I go. Goodnight all!

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