Licensing is Completed!!

Oh my god… I am FINALLY done getting my licenses.  I took, and passed, my Series 63!!  I can start working in my branch this week! 

As you may have heard, Tomis is a little sick.  Sorry I didn’t post anything sooner… I didn’t want anyone to worry.  Anyway, Tomis is doing well.  His nose is blocked and he is a little grumpy (he will kill me for saying that).  BUT,  he isn’t running a temperature.  We have been filling him to the brim with tea, honey, lemon, and brandy.  Just when you think there isn’t any more room left from the tea, I come at him with pasta and soup.  He left work early today and yesterday, so he is sitting on the couch watching soccer in sweat pants and a hoodie.  My guess is he will feel better by Thursday, but don’t worry, I won’t leave anything to chance… I’ll smother him until he is 100%!  In the mean time, we have ome cute pics from the past few days.

My “there is a lot of stuff in that pasta” pasta

This ended up being REALLY good garlic bread

They cuddle


the third in our marital bed…

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One Response to Licensing is Completed!!

  1. ornella says:

    BRAVO for Koko !!!! Smart girl !!! We hope that Tomis is better…with that wife he must be better ! Yesterday was be birthday from Robi and today he is veryyyyyyyy sick…from lots of drinks !!!! hihi

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