Good dinners birth many dishes…






If anyone has ever cooked seafood pasta and chocolate chip cookies and DIDN’T have a kitchen that looked like this after, well, god bless you. I should take a picture of Tomis’s stomach (he looks four months pregnant) to prove that my pasta tasted okay, haha. He had four bowls and about 3/4ths of a baguette. I slop butter with rosemary, thyme, garlic salt, basil, and parmesan cheese mixed in it to make my all-time favorite garlic bread. The house does smell a bit odd though; seafood and cookies are not smells that coalesce very elegantly 😉  Sure does smell like a home though…

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One Response to Good dinners birth many dishes…

  1. Kecholand says:

    uf! Koko izgleda jako fino , toliko fino da osiječam miris čak tu u Zagrebu.

    pusu Vam ostavljamo

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