Lunch Date!

I had a very sexy lunch date.  He was a tall, strapping Croatian man with a bald head and a big smile 🙂  Sounds a little bit like my husband, right?  It had better be… if it WASN’T my hasband, I guarantee the man would be dead at the hands of my husband, haha. 

Anyway, Tomis met me at work (it was his day off) and we got Thai food during my break.  Anyone reading this blog that is local, the place is called A Taste of Thai, and it has a GREAT menu.   High marks on the the yummy scale.  After lunch, Tomis headed out to Sports Authority to buy me mace 🙂  It is a deceptively dangerous little weapon that can dangle from my key chain.  Apparently Tomis got me the top of the line spray; he wants me safe as I walk to my car when I leave work 🙂  What a sweetie pie… 

Tomis and I came to a sad realization tonight.  We were relaxing in front of the televisison, and found that we have already seen all the episodes to shows that were playing.  I guess a year’s worth of unemployment will do that 😉

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