Don’t eat cookies at our house

Tomis and I bought a $9 box of cookies from the grocery store today. Despite the fact that I can make cookies that trump most store bought cookies, we were shopping with hungry stomachs as our guide and were easily lured by the tasty looking pictures. Anyway, it was a variety pack of cookies that came in a very elegant tin box.

We just finished sampling 10 different types of cookies (dessert after our McDonalds dinner). Tomis got more than he asked for though. I was a little bit too full after my dinner and didn’t necessarily want to eat the whole of the cookies that I sampled; rather, I just wanted to nibble the corner to get an idea for the taste. The rest of the cookie I left in the box 🙂 Tomis, my little garbage disposal, followed my cookie trail and finished the 8 cookies that I decided I didn’t want to finish (on top of the 3-4 cookies he ate on his own). You would never guess that there were ever gently nibbled cookies sitting in our cookie tin now, but if ever you are offered a cookie at our home you know to be aware 😉

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One Response to Don’t eat cookies at our house

  1. ornella says:

    OK,my breakfest,lunch and dinner fo today is FRUIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am on diet last 27 days,and two months more….uf…………..

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