We love our jobs

We have tried to post the blog 5 minutes ago but for some reson we lost everything we wrote. So now i will be the author as Hanako is watching tv. Well all what i hear from my wife is that she really likes her job, she always learn something new and what is more important she is happy. In this economic crapola it is amazing to have job, but if you are lucky to have job and you love it at the same time you are very, very lucky person.

As for my job, coming every morning to beautiful vineyard, surounded by amazing nature and most of all working with very nice people makes my life and job very enjoyable and just like my wife i learn every day something new and i love it.


Morning at the vineyard


Pinot Noir 2009 Punchdown, belive or not all hand pick and hand sorted by small but amazing crew.


More Pinot….

What is not to love about this job…..yes you can envy us.

Good night wherever you are!

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2 Responses to We love our jobs

  1. ornella says:

    Prekrasno….sretni smo zbog vas…jako…uzivajte u zivotu,zasluzili ste…we love you……

  2. Pretty Mom :-) says:

    I actually had time today to read your blog. Great relaxing and entertaining reading! Love you, guys!

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