Happy Halloween!!

Where did all the kids go??!! I bought a TON of candy and was worried that I wouldn’t have enough for all the treat-or-treaters, but our doorbell only rang once. I was shocked! When I was a kid Halloween was a really big deal. I remember huge groups of kids running amuck on the streets (yes, I was one of them). I remember planning my costume a few weeks in advance and gathering my posse for a night full of debauchery. I remember using pillowcases for people to drop candy in so that I could collect as MUCH candy as possible. I would run from door to door as fast as I could so I could later dump my candy on the floor of my living room with my friends. We would divide our candy into piles of “like” and “don’t like” and then trade. Halloween was always a blast. I didn’t see that this year. At least not at my door.

Tomis and I had a great night though. We built a big fire, ate pasta, and drank wine. We stayed up late and watched television and then fell asleep. It was wonderful 🙂 Now, we just have to figure out what to do with 4 bags of candy that never got collected by the neighborhood kids, haha. Looks like my but will be getting bigger 😉

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