The Quiet Cap

Tomis and I found a way to peacefully coexist whilst he watches his soccer.  You see, we had a problem in the past where I would like to chat during the game 🙂  He would comment on the game, and I would comment… and keep commenting 🙂  ANYHOO, we found a way to keep Tomis from slapping the yabber out of me… “the quiet cap”.   Anytime there is a moment in the game that requires Tomis’s concentration, he puts the “quiet cap” on my head, and I know not to talk 🙂  Until he takes that cap off my head I am not allowed to speak.  It has worked pretty well so far.   Methinks I may be mute during the world cup though…



What Tomis doesn’t know is that the quiet cap works on him as well.  Once a month, for a week, I guarantee you that cap will not come off his head 😉

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