Thanksgiving 2009

Pre-dinner cheese and crackers

My parents kitchen… where the catered food got plated haha

Nice job Moosh 🙂

Honeybaked ham and turkey

Uncle Chuck, Doodle, Tomis 🙂 Tomis is trying to make himself as tall as possible so he doesn’t look short. Look how small the refridgerator looks behind them!! By the way, Uncle chuck is single 😉

Mom looks little 🙂

Our poor parents, haha

Grandma Betty and mom 🙂

Turd tried to steal my yummyness

Sneaky Kitty

Pookie stacked oranges on me after dinner. I can’t wait until he is old enough to drink 🙂

Of course there were a few other traditions we enjoyed on our holiday. Doodle went into his after dinner sneezing fit and we all made bets on how many times he would sneeze. Mom almost won, but dad slipped one more sneeze in making us all lose. Usually Pookie and I cheat by flipping on lights where ever Doodle is sneezing to trigger his light sensitivity and make him sneeze more… usually I don’t have a problem pushing Pookie around, but this year he is bigger than me and just picked me up and moved me. I wonder what next year will bring 🙂

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One Response to Thanksgiving 2009

  1. ornella says:

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY to whole familly and happy birthday to David from CRO familly !!!

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