just two more minutes…

Tomis and I have issues waking up in the morning. Both of our alarms went off at the same time this morning. Both of us turned them off and proceeded to go back to sleep for 45 more minutes. It was down to the wire when we both ran out the door to work. It was pretty pathetic, the two of us taking turns saying “just two more minutes.” By the time we both actually started moving there was just twenty minutes to walk 3 dogs, feed five animals (we are animal sitting for the next few weeks), shower, and get on our way. The best part was that we were both driving to places we have never been for work. Totally unprepared and irresponsible 🙂 But, we got a good cuddle in.

Now we are both sitting at home groggy and lazy. Tomis is sprawled out on the couch and I am in my papasan. I have Guinness on top of my feet keeping my toes warm 🙂 There is half a piece of cheese cake leftover from last night sitting beside me that has a slow and satisfying death ahead of it. The only thing to make this even better would be a nice hot cup of coffee, but I think the effort might ruin my sloth haha.

Animals we are watching 🙂 We live in a zoo… a cute zoo, but a zoo..



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