My life is poop as of late

… which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, haha. It may be my day off, but there are five furry animals that rely on Tomis and I in order to eat, pee, and poop. That means that on my days off, my morning starts with poop and end with poop. Today it was about 30 degree with a nasty wind chill, so taking three dogs on three seperate walks about froze me to the bone.

In other news… everyone should congratulate me on my superior immune system! In the past week I have sat next to TWO different people with swine flu, and didn’t so much as sniffle. I came home and disinfected myself and didn’t touch or kiss Tomis until the next day. We are both in excellent health and feeling fantastic! In fact, the two people with swine flu are feeling a bit better as well.

Tomorrow I have a busy busy day. I have to scoot all over town picking things up and dropping things off, making appointments and getting things fixed. Somewhere in between I want to get some Christmas decorations. The apartment also needs a good scrub down. I should also review some of the work materials that I have. I can’t wait for Wednesday when I get to go back to work; will be less hectic haha.

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