Baby it’s cold outside…

There is not a happier time of year for me than the season of mandatory gospel music, twinkle lights, and pumpkin pie!! There is no other time of year where carrying a tree is considered a festivity and cookies are considered calorie-free. I love love love this time of year. Please, enjoy the music and the pictures; take a moment and close your eyes… imagine you are in the hearth of our home enjoying hot chocolate and laughs with us!!

We walked across the street to Fred Meyers to get our Christmas tree in the 20 degree weather. I took the lead holding the top of the tree, and Tomis followed behind me carrying the base. It must have been a sight to see!

It wasn’t necessary for me to take the tree in myself, but we knew it would make for a good picture!

Christmas ornaments and wine bottles full of twinkle lights!!

.. what better place for an ornament than on your nose!

The tree is about to look the best it ever has

My husband twinkles too!!

If you were to knock on our door and look through the window, this is what you would see 🙂

From us to you… make everyday Christmas until it is time to anticipate the New Year!! AND, one more song for you!! Fair warning… if I watched this performance live, I would have cried.. most beautiful version of Oh oly Night I have ever heard…

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One Response to Baby it’s cold outside…

  1. ornella says:

    Beautifuuuuuuul !!!!!!! Enjoy in yours home…..we love you………

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