New bed issues

Tomis and I are both having a problem with our new bed. We aren’t getting the most restful sleep imaginable. Maybe I should paint a back drop for our situation first. Since May of this year, everynight Tomis and I have been happily falling asleep on a mattress that sat on the floor of our bedroom. It may not have been the picture of a home with two working professionals, but it was reasonably comfortable and Tomis and I really had no desire for anything fancy in a room we only slept in. Anyway, we came across our amazing new mattress that fulfills both our needs; Tomis’s side is firm and my side is soft… and it came with a box spring to get it off the floor until we got a proper bedframe. Herein lies the problem… Tomis and I have become so accustomed to sleeping four inches from the floor that being three feet off the floor has caused us to fear falling off the bad hahahaha. Both of us wake up hourly to make sure we aren’t in danger of taking an embarassing tumble to the floor. I have found a solution to my fear. I put a pillow against the edge so I know I will hit something before I fall off, but that puts part of me on Tomis’s hard mattress. Tomis is just dealing with the fear for now. Although we got our mattress at a steal, it certainly isn’t helping us enjoy a more restful lumber yet…

Sweet dreams to all, from two sleepy head cases!!!

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