vibrating dog

Tomis and I took Guinness for his annual vet visit today. He got poked and prodded, petted and fed treats. He is in great health with the exception of dirty teeth, and a stubborn Australian Shepherd personality. Once Tomis and I got home from Guinness’s visit, we left to go grab some Mexican food. We were gone maybe an hour and a half and came straight back home for a siesta 🙂 Having just been taken to the vet, our dog decided he didn’t deserve to be left at home while we enjoyed our afternoon… in fact, he deserved a little siesta of his own. That is why he took it upon himself to drink the Starbucks that Tomis and I had earlier this morning. He left one empty cup on the couch, and one on the floor in front of the tv. When we walked in the door we had a dog jumping from the floor to the ceiling, and kicking up dust as he ran in circles haha. He was practically vibrating fro caffeine. Our fault entirely, but what a cheeky dog.

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