Knock Knock…

We have acquired a very strange tradition with our upstairs neighbor, Michael. His dog Sophie has a naughty habit of running away from him when she goes out for her nightly trip to the bathroom. She will run across the street and refuse to come back until Michael knocks on our door. As soon as we answer, Sophie will come running to visit and play, and then eventually go home. It is highly entertaining for us to see how well Sophie has trained Michael, haha. She still has a fair bit of puppy in her, so Guinness tries to be lenient. When I say try, I mean he has a look of concentrated effort in his blue eyes that show his restraint in not pummeling her haha. I WISH we could figure out how to get video up so you could see how the whole debacle plays out. It is hilarious 🙂

** Hi Zlatko ** 🙂

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