Tomis has a sore throat and the sniffles.  Don’t worry… aside from being a little tired, he is still well enough to give me a hard time.  He is certainly well enough to tackle me to the floor to  make the dog get involved haha. 

Anyway, Tomis has been fed soup for the past two nights, he is drinking tea, and he is brimming with vitamins.  We both have tomorrow off so we will sleep in and relax all day long.  My wifely instincts tell me that my husband will be feeling loads better by the time he has to go to work on Thursday. 

Amazingly, I have avoided the nasty illnesses that have been floating around.  My secret?  I laugh and eat a lot haha.  That, and I use an awful lot of hand sanitizer when I am at the bank 😛

Stay tuned!  Tomorrow I will take a ton of pictures of our sloth so you can share in our day being unproductive adults 😉

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