Drop kicking the wife

We did so little today that we didn’t even take out the camera haha. Tomis is still feeling a little under the weather. He doesn’t have a fever or any body aches, but he does have a headache and is a little tired. So, today my infirm little hubby got the the King treatment (how is that different from any other day haha).

Anyway, Guinness ran out of food so I needed to at least grab a fifty pound bag to replenish our doggie food Tupperware. Tomis also had a hankering for donuts, so I made one excursion to fulfill two needs today. When I returned from my brief outing, I pulled into my parking space and unlocked our front door so I could drag in the enormous bag of puppy chow without having to navigate my purse for my keys. Tomis heard the door unlock and decided to help me with my load. I already had the dog food precariously balanced on my hip when Tomis decided it wasn’t a masculine reflection of him for his wife to be hauling such a large load. SO, he decided to not only help me with the carrying… but to pick up both me and the bag all at the same time. Unfortunately, “helping” me like a dashing gentleman actually ended up being him picking me up three feet from the groung (with the dog food still in hand) and then dropping me to the rain-soaked pavement haha. If it couldn’t get any worse, he kicked me on the way down when he tried to break my fall.

After… I made him a sandwich. HOWEVER… once he is 100% again, I am kicking his ass.

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