the great dinner compromise

So in order to avoid the conversation that was mentioned in the last post, Tomis and I have created a compromise. So long as his clothes are not scattered around the apartment, he doesn’t have to have any input on dinner. If his clothes are not in the closet, then I get to ask him his take on what should be for dinner haha. So now it has created a new component to our conversations. When I call Tomis on my way home from work I don’t ask how his day was, or what time he got in… I ask if there are clothes on the floor. I don’t even remember how laundry and food got tangled in the same mix, but there you have it… the great dinner compromise.

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One Response to the great dinner compromise

  1. ornella says:

    Oh,my brother is really is the same man like my husbend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is not good news !!!!!!! But,I got some good advance from you….hihihi

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