Doggie Styling… Chase vs. Sokol-Blosser

Tomis and I had a day full of aromatic challenges. The on-going challenge of keeping our pillows from smelling like dog has been minutely suppressed by Febreeze; our carpet smelling like husband and animal feet has been tempered by carpet freshener, and finally, my suit that the cat pissed on has been eradicated via the trash bin. Now before we completely gave up on the over $250 dollar suit, I attempted to throw the dry-clean only fabric in the washing machine with a detergent cocktail of oxyclean, fabric softener, and soap. The gamble that the washer might destroy the suit was the Hail Mary after at least three dry-cleaning sessions over the past few weeks. Obviously, our last ditch effort didn’t work. In fact it worsened the smell exponentially and our entire apartment smelled of ammonia. That is when Tomis and I got in the car and headed to Banana Republic to buy me a new suit (…and shoes and dress :-P). So as of an hour ago, our aromatic foibles have been de-foibled and our financial negotiations re-negotiated πŸ˜‰

Anyhoo… amid our nasal adventure Tomis and I took on three baskets full of unfolded laundry. When ever a mountain of clothes starts to eclipse our bed, we call a laundry party and fold away our shame haha. Anyway, folding laundry never comes without a surprise or two. There is always a missing sock or a dollar bill… gum left in a pocket or a wad of tissue. Today it was a shrunken shirt… Tomis’s Sokol-Blosser shirt to be exact. It shrank to a size most fitting for our pooch πŸ™‚ Likewise, a few months ago the dryer shrank my Chase sweater vest (also to doggie size). SO, we adorned our dog in our work clothes… you can decide who did a better job of outfitting our dog; the big bad bank OR the local provider of libations.




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