Lunch Date!!

I didn’t have my usual Wednesday off this week, so I didn’t have my day to sleep in with Tomis and do absolutely nothing all day. I would sit in my little office cubicle and miserably think, “I could be annoying Tomis right now” haha. It ended up being okay though, Tomis met me for lunch both of his days off. Usually I cut my lunch breaks short and just work through them… I don’t see the point of having to be at work and not actually working. If I have to be somewhere I don’t want to be anyway, I might as well make some money. With Tomis as a lunch companion though, I will surely take the full hour to sit and chit chat with my hubby 🙂

Anyway, Tomis’s day was much more exciting than mine. He went to the dermatologist to get a few small nubs on his head removed. When you see him next he will be without nubs haha. If you can’t wait to see him in person… here are pics of him with bandaids covering where the nubs USED to be 🙂 (and some of the cat and my most recent book purchase too)





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