Burrito Burrito Burrito Burrito Burrito Burrito

… That is how many burritos I had today haha. We ordered Mexican food at work… two monster trays of food. It was deliscious and plentiful. I ate like I hadn’t eaten in weeks, all day long. It was fabulous.

I forgot my cell phone at home too so instead of texting Tomis while he worked I called him and yabbered his ear off 🙂 There is a 2002 civic that my boss is selling for a steal, and I am wondering if it would be worth it to buy it and then re-sell it. Upon further review, I think we probably won’t do it. It was fun to play with the idea though 🙂

Now Tomis and I are in our after work mode… gluttony and sloth 😉 I will finish my first of the six books I bought before the night is over.

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