Can hardly wait until Wednesday

Ah, St Valentine… thank you for provoking millions of men around the world to come home to their women with flowers, including my man 🙂   I had lit dozens of candles around the apartment to surprise him, but that little monkey walked in the door with a bouquet and surprised me  🙂   Someone must have taught him well (my thanks to Stefica and Ornella 😉 )

We didn’t get to spend the whole of the day together.  I went to an exercise class late in the morning with coworkers (after twenty minutes I decided I was not cut out for punching, kicking, and jumping simultaneously and left haha).  After we watched a romantic drama and then parted ways.  I headed home to light candles.  Tomis spent his day at work serving wine-loving couples.  Now we are both waiting for Wednesday.  We will both have the day off and intend to make the most of it.  Well, between getting our cars serviced and our taxes done we will get in some fun in the sun… forecast says mid-sixties and sunny 🙂

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One Response to Can hardly wait until Wednesday

  1. ornella says:

    Mama je upravo kod nas i bas citamo blog i verryyyyy smo happy sto imamo takvog sina i brata….BRAVO…..many love for you two….

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