You buy the bread… you do the dishes

Ohhhhhh my husband.   I gave him a call from work today to see where he was.  He had just gotten home and I still had an hour left at work.  The convo went a bit like this…

“Hi honey!  Where are you?”
“I just got home.  I am hungry.”
“I won’t be home for an hour and a half”
“But I am hungry!”
“Well, go the store and get food then.”
“YOU get the food.”
“No, YOU get it so you don’t get grumpy”
“I don’t get grumpy!”
“Fine. You don’t get grumpy then. Go get food.”
“Okay.  I will get food.  But you do the dishes”


Good thing Tomis got food because by the time I got home he already had finished all his dinner and was happy and smiling.   haha… I am certain this is not a unique conversation between a husband and a wife, but it is funny.

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