Joint Cardmembers :-)

Alas, my husband finally will have credit history 🙂 Because of a lack of credit history, he has not been able to get approved for a credit card through application alone. We found a back door though… by attaching Tomis to credit cards I already have, my credit history vouches for his credibility. This will make it so much easier to land mortgages and lower our existing car loans after the next six months (hopefully).

To celebrate, Tomis and I got new cell phones.  We both have the new google phone through TMobile 🙂  We are having fun with it, but I think Tomis wants to throw it through the wall.  It ended up being more user friendly than I thought it would be, but it took me awhile to get adjusted.  I am not as techy as others. 

Before getting the phones we had gone bowling.  I know the last time I blogged about bowling I had a score of 164, but this time I was back to the sme old me and couldn’t break 100.  Tomis did better than me, but not by much.  We both had a pretty dismal time… probably the reason we bought the phones haha.  

I am off to play on my new phone 🙂  Enjoy your evening!!

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