The world’s worst chef

I have been letting a bunch of bananas ripen for the past week to get them to the point where they were primed to be the key ingredient in my streusel muffins.  After mixing, measuring, and mashing, I had concocted the perfect batter.  The oven was preheated and my muffins were 18 1/2 minutes after from being freshly baked and ready to eat.  Once the timer sounded, I opened the oven and found banana mush with melted streusel.  I couldn’t figure out what happened so I put it in for another 5 minutes…. to no avail.  Suddenly, the light bulb went off and I figured out what had gone wrong.  When I set the oven timer I turned off the oven :-/  I was “baking” my muffins with no heat.  I am such an idiot haha.

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