pet love

Tomis and I have been doing a great job of making our apartment feel cozy.  Our living room is painted and decorated with pretty accent pieces.  Our kitchen is color coordinated with pieces both asethetically pleasing as well as functional.  Our dining room, while little (and housing a litter box, haha) resembles a late-afternoon cafe.  We took care in making our little apartment a place that reflected our style and definition of comfort and class.  The only room in the house that had received no attention was our bedroom.  Because we don’t have a firm idea of how long this apartment will be home to us, and because we don’t spend much time in the bedroom unless we are sleeping, there seemed no reason to pay it much mind at all.  For the past 8 months we have even failed to buy a fitted sheet for our bed; we have been sleeping on mismatched sheets with chairs from our dining room as night stands, a mattress leaned up against a wall, and an old t.v. sitting on the floor in the corner.  Essentially, our sleeping area and storage area had been one in the same.  

Today we found inspiration to make our bedroom less of an eye sore.  While walking the aisles of Ross, we came across a canvas print of a dog that looked EXACTLY like Guinness, but in shades of gray and blue.  We grabbed the canvas with little to no thought and began searching for sheets to match it.  Now, we are in decoration mode.  We are looking for reasonably priced bedroom furniture that will make us proud to put our name on the room.  For the next three weeks I get the feeling our days off will be a designing adventure 🙂  It will be fun… Tomis and I actually make a great team when we put our heads together, and we always have a lot of fun 🙂

What we are trying to move away from…

Our Guinness

Our look-a-like

Just a start…

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