One year… ;-)

First day of Spring, and our year marker on the first of many anniversaries 🙂  It has been a great year and a lot got accomplished.  Tomis got his greencard and was able to find a job.  I went through three jobs.  Tomis and I got our first apartment together and furnished it to be cozy and warm.  We have two new cars that we both picked to match our individual personalities (I learned how to drive a manual car.)   I got licensed to deal to be an Investment Banker, and Tomis got his liquor license.   We love our life 🙂

This next year will be fantastic.  I will finally get to hug my new family in Croatia.  Tomis and I will FINALLY get rid of the credit card debt we accumulated from unemployment, immigration, etc.   We may or may not relocate to a new apartment, or a new state all together.   We will for CERTAIN have the beginnings of a retirement plan set-up.  We will start to make plans for a baby, but an actual bundle of joy probably won’t come around until anniversary number three. 

To celebrate, I got Tomis three shirts, sweat pants, deoderant, and chocolate.  I knew Tomis wouldn’t have time to get me anything, so I got his present to me for him 😉  So he got me perfume and a few shirts haha.  Upon seeing his “presents” to me, he thinks he picked well 😉  According to Tomis this will be our new tradition… I am in charge of all the anniversary presents. 

One thing is for sure.  I will love this man more this coming year than last… and more each year that is to come.  If you happen to have a drink in front of you, now is the time to raise your glass to the love in your life;  Toast to the gratitude you feel to whoever deemed you fortunate enough to have them, and then after you drink cherish every second you have with them from that moment on! 


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One Response to One year… ;-)

  1. ornella says:

    Again,one of the reason why familly in Croatia loves Koko…Tomi is a lucky man…thanks God…

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