PINK continued…

We got notice in the mail that it is time to let our apartment complex know whether we will be renewing our lease. Tomis and I have been discussing moving closer to his work to cut down his commute time, but all in all, we love our location. I put the ultimate decision on Tomis since it impacts him more than me; so, we are staying.

Since we aren’t going anywhere, I figured it is time to make our bedroom as warm and “us” as the rest of our home. It was in serious need of tender touches to make it feel lived in. Up until now it has been a bed and nothing else. After today, it is painted and accessorized almost to completion.

So why in my last post did I say I have the best husband in the world? Because on his day off… he helped me paint our bedroom PINK 😀 Technically, the color is “very berry.” It is very romantic so far, and about 75% complete. Give me a few weeks to get curtains, a silk screen and another side table then we will be good.





Believe it or now, Tomis actually likes it 🙂 I knew he would… but you don’t even want to know the things he said to me while we were painting haha. We will post more photos as the room nears completion!

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One Response to PINK continued…

  1. ornella says:

    Verrrrrrrry nice !!!!!

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