Rather be in the rain and cold

Today was a miserable Oregon day. Gray, windy, and raining. I feel bad for the trees. They are all starting to bloom a little, but there isn’t enough sun to get the leaves out from the vacant tree limbs. Tiny little buds promise a pretty Spring soon… but not quite yet.

Tomis is at a soccer game right now. The field he is playing at is in the middle of Portland. The plan was that he would come home tonight and we would go to his game together. The problem is that the field has no cover and it is dark out already. I would be standing all by myself in the rain and cold. So, I opted not to go.

I wish I had gone though… I miss my Bunny, and I think I would rather be in that field freezing that here in front of the t.v. missing him.

His car just pulled up. Time for a stinky hug from my Bunny!!

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